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Remixes? A strange concept…

I never really understood remixes? I thought it was music but twisted up to seem original. But it turns out it’s anything artistic taken from the OG, then you just.. uh. Mix it up I guess? So is fanart considered a remix? Those things where it’s “Draw the Squad in this Pose”, are they remixes?Continue reading “Remixes? A strange concept…”

Artist Conversation: Kiyomi Fukui

Exhibition Information: Artist: Kiyomi Fukui Exhibition: Conversation on Conflict Media: Origami paper cranes of conversations Mrs. Fukui had with her father Gallery: left unmentioned… Website: Kiyomi Fukui is a Japanese American artist with an MFA in printmaking from California State University Long Beach (CSULB) and a BFA in graphic design from La Sierra University. She’sContinue reading “Artist Conversation: Kiyomi Fukui”

Isolation. Authenticity. The works.

Isolation is commonly considered to be a terrible fate which nobody should be subjected to. And heaven forbid someone voluntarily isolates themselves for no tragic reason. It’s also true that becoming distanced from others can damage your psyche. Symptoms of loneliness include depression, insomnia, a severely lowered immune system- just such terrible things. However, dueContinue reading “Isolation. Authenticity. The works.”