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Artist Conversation #2

Haha the tilt is really uncomfortable but I already fixed it this is the best you’ll get
Untitled, Anna Cirimele, digital art (?). Was unable to speak with the artist due to their absence, but would’ve loved to ask about the thoughts depicted in this piece.
The Hair (animation), The Bear’s Return (digital illustration), The Clean Life (digital illustration) by Hui Tan

Hui Tan is a graduate in the illustration/animation program of CSULB’s School of Art. The idea behind the animated short film The Clean Life is “temptation and punishment.” The idea of guilt and desire for a clean life is something Hui Tan has observed in both eastern and western culture, and was the inspiration for this story. The Bear’s Return, on the other hand was highly inspired by Hui Tan’s observation of nature. Time spent painting the scenery of Big Bear mountain and Mammoth lakes has allowed for a stockpile of experience in creating mystifying natural landscapes. If only I took a picture of individual illustrations because the artist’s attention to detail in each of them is quite magnificent. The paintings of The Bear’s Return are set to near the end of winter, so the colors are rather monotone, however, there are detailed bits of color here and there that indicate the coming of spring, and the return of wildlife from hibernation.

The Clean Life has a more urban setting, one that seems to be in a well populated modern city. The illustrations depict a rather static suburban dystopic society of sorts- and I understand the negative connotation, however, the dark, monotone shades of the buildings and roads really bring out the much brighter shades of fluorescent lighting.

In turn, the lights become all too similar to flames. Which sets a rather eerie tone.

Hui Tan is an aspiring animator and illustrator who hopes to create a beautiful story for the theme of their short film for graduation.

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