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Art can be Shocking – Creativity in an Automatic State (?)

A wolf or something in watercolor. Can never tell where its eyes really are… I tried meditating into an automatic state, just enough to make this in, I don’t know, less than 5 minutes. I just know the pop song I was listening to was still playing as I ripped it out of the sketchbook.

You’ve probably heard of the term “ghost writer.” In a more literal sense, there have been incidents in the past where authors are seemingly possessed by a spirit as they are writing something. When they finish, the product seems to be quite unlike their usual work, in terms of quality or style. In most cases, this is actually just a method called Automatic writing. It is exactly as it sounds- an author will take a backseat in their consciousness and write anything and everything they feel like writing.

Now that that’s been introduced, this phenomenon can also occur during painting. Or drawing, or making music- anything creative, really. But have you ever heard of “cursed paintings”?

You guessed it.

WARNING: the following painting has been said to cause anxiety, insomnia, and paranoia for fear of being watched. There have even been reports by previous owners that after prolonged visual exposure to it, they have seen the one who is depicted in the painting in their own homes.





For goodness sake don’t look at it for too long and don’t save it to your phone I deleted this thing immediately after putting it on this post but I think you should know about just what in the world the automatic state can conjure up and put out there for others to witness.





Woman of the Rain, Svetlana Telets. She made this on a sunny day, and within such a short time for such a large painting. 5 hrs, I believe.

Paintings such as the one above were created during such experiences wherein the artist felt as if another hand was guiding them.

While a perfectly automatic experience is quite difficult to mimic, it is notable that an automatic state is a rather good basis for surrealistic art. Take Salvador Dali, for example.

You have to wonder if an artist was under the influence. But I must say, after making my first “automatic painting”, it’s really not like that. It’s an experience similar to getting on a taxi. Except you get on the taxi, say “Surprise me” not unlike that critic in the ending of Ratatouille, and then you watch the scenery go by and interpret the weather and make guesses on where you might end up. You dont know if it’s a good place or a bad place, you just know you’ll be somewhere quite soon.

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