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Counterfactual identity


What they see before I open my mouth

Had a lovely Friday morning dressed up as a female normal human at the beach. By beach, I mean Long Beach. And by Long Beach, I mean within the boundaries of CSULB since I don’t have a car and I’m not too fond of wandering during the day.

And it was all quite fine and normal, until I opened my mouth to speak.

After, or what they see when I open my mouth

Fake blood tastes like the smell of red cherry car fresheners.
And fish oil. Definitely fish oil, because the blood stuck to the skin rather than sliding down and tasted like a fish that was drowned in cherry air freshener. 2/10, wouldn’t recommend for long time exposure.

I ended up forgoing the blood and the cape during my actual activity for a few reasons:

1. It was both sunny and cold.

2. Counterfactual literally means something along the lines of “besides the point.”

Ie. I may look normal, but I have fangs. Or is it the other way around…?

3. Social Experiments Need Volunteers, Not Hostages

What kind of social experiment? Well, I wanted to see how people would react to a normal-looking girl with sharp teeth. All I would have to do is say hello, and the people who do a double take at the glimpse of long canines would be my participants. Then, the trial often began with something along the lines of “Say, could you spare some time to answer a few questions?”

And then I’d convince them to give me their blood type and invite me to their house warming, yadda yadda

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