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Not gonna lie, I wrote three poems in a handful of hours and chose the best one during the third hour to make into a song within two hours.

If that makes sense.

Writing a song is surprisingly much more difficult than writing a poem? Not only do the lyrics have to make sense, the sound does too. I only had my trusty bass to play while singing, since I suck at guitar. But I do make a good improv bassline, and I have a strong imagination for creating symphonies. In my song I thought about how a majority of Romantic pop songs were about Love, Body Parts, Politics, and Money.

And I thought about the 27 Club, urban legends, hubris and all that. Listened to “Hurt” by Johnny Cash, a bit of Ariana Grande, a bit of MJ,a bit of PATD, and admittedly, a bit of Billie Eilish as well. Grief, desire, or enlightenment/revelations are a very good basis for Romanticism, I learned, and thus incorporated it into the poems I prepared. Also the White Lighter and Bluebird by Charles Bukowski

I chose between the poems on the merits that they made sense, in a musical sense, because pop songs are supposed to make sense. And then I just played with it until I got, er, a whole song? But I’m really never going to be confident about something I wrote in, technically 3 hours? Since it was an hour for the poem, two for the song. I’ve already forgotten how it’s supposed to actually sound. I’m never writing a song again.

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