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Artist Conversation 3

Sienna Browne showing a few of the paintings that will be in her solo exhibition Product of the Palette

Sienna Browne is a fourth year artist in the Drawing and Painting BFA Program in CSULB’s School of Art. Besides art, she works as a lifeguard and is a student athlete. Her artwork has been thoroughly influenced by her experiences in life, and she considers the process of making art to always be therapeutic.

Her philosophy in the creation of her solo exhibition is that art is meant to honor the past, so that one can separate the present from it and move on. Thus, the exhibit is to be presented as a timeline from the first paintings she made in early highschool (2015) to today. Within this time, her style of painting and the mediums she uses have evolved. In the beginning, Sienna Browne says she had a running theme of painting plates of food balanced on people’s heads, as a joke. As she continued she later discovered the truth of the influence behind her artwork, and in coming to terms with the eating disorders she had been going through, her artwork rather evolved into pieces that combined both aesthetic and disturbing themes, which both enchants and repels the viewer.

The themes of her work remained this way for a while, however, it was during a recent project about environmental awareness that she realized she no longer felt such a strong bond to creating artwork influenced by her experience having eating disorders, and instead her artwork has been about exploring different mediums and has been in line with her passion for feminism and being a lifeguard.

Sienna Browne is a bright and enthusiastic artist, with compelling philosophies about the nature of art. The idea of art being therapeutic has always been incredibly fascinating, yet something I could never fully grasp, given how negatively I often react to the process of creating things. Her viewpoints have helped to shed a bit of light on art therapy.

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