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Isolation. Authenticity. The works.

Isolation is commonly considered to be a terrible fate which nobody should be subjected to. And heaven forbid someone voluntarily isolates themselves for no tragic reason.

It’s also true that becoming distanced from others can damage your psyche. Symptoms of loneliness include depression, insomnia, a severely lowered immune system- just such terrible things.

However, due to the current international crisis, people are forced whether by law or moral integrity to essentially isolate themselves.

Still, this doesnt necessarily need to become loneliness.

Real Footage of a Villager that lived during the COVID plague of 2020

There won’t be a next time, given the fact that social media bores me, but next time I ought to record myself talking and then put it into the video.

Favorite youtuber? A lot, but in terms of preference it’s usually gamers or the top youtubers who don’t get into scandals or social media wars every other month or two. Basically people of high moral integrity- which, most gamers don’t actually share a lot of their lives? You really can’t judge a person by how they play video games, this I know.

And authenticity certainly does affect performance but they’re not the same thing. Performance will always reflect some sort of ingenuity, but it’s never too close to being authentic.

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