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Remixes? A strange concept…

I never really understood remixes? I thought it was music but twisted up to seem original. But it turns out it’s anything artistic taken from the OG, then you just.. uh. Mix it up I guess? So is fanart considered a remix? Those things where it’s “Draw the Squad in this Pose”, are they remixes? Are fanfics, where these people take all these different tales and mix them all up into some beautiful amalgamation- is that a remix? I feel like the concept’s become completely de-familiarized to me in a single conversation.

I rarely draw any fanart but I was inspired by a Christmas meme made by a Youtuber named GHOST, that I still play because of quarantine, called Jelf the Elf. He’s just this odd goblin looking fellow who sings a horrible parody of Jingle Bells.

The little creature in all its glory. Dont feed after midnight.

And so I was like, what if, he was, cuter? But still deadly? Would people want to bring the meme back?

I barely started before getting a bout of existential crisis and questioning my decisions in life. Don’t repost this for goodness sake it’s embarrassing.

Add a copyright? Heavens no, I believe the best defense against anyone trying to steal this would be that very specific moment right before they click ‘Save’ where a person starts to carefully think about why in the world they want to remember something so maniacal and irrelevant. And stupid.

But I really will get embarrassed if I see this anywhere other than this hidden blog, so please ask first.

Wait, does this mean I made a remix of a remix? Since Jelf the Elf is based on the Elf on the Shelf and his song is a remix of Jingle Bells-

The truth is, I feel bad when I take other people’s work and twist it to my tastes. I understand that I add my own creative “genius” to the mix but in the end it’s theirs, and the least I could do is own up to it.

A “remix” of Hatsune Miku for a friend’s profile pic.

This wasn’t even something that she drew, she sent me the picture, asked me to edit it, and I did that. And neither of us posted it anywhere. And neither of us claimed it as “our creation” because that’s not what we’re about. It was just us having fun trying to twist the photo around and then making something we liked enough to put out there just because we liked it.

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