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Art Can Be Sustainable?

So I came up with the idea to make a wreath out of flowers and leaves that fell on the ground. They were already mostly dried out so it was difficult, and many of the flowers ended up cracking and falling out…

It was depressing but I ended up with something that could pass as a bracelet. I tried putting it on afterwards to take a picture and…

To make it even more depressing, it completely fell apart.

Let’s not even talk about the rotting roses I tried to use in the first place- that was a mistake, even if the four inches of stem from the flower was quite flexible (for future reference. Not that I would remember).

I was actually inspired by the wreath-making tradition during May Day. The first day of May is technically considered the first day of spring, which is the season of life and rebirth. Spring is often a symbol of hope. A reminder that, even when mortal souls pass on, the Earth will always provide, even for us small funny animals.

“We’re all just little animals, falling in love and having breakfast beneath billions of stars.”

– tumblr post by user youphoric really captures a rather romantic version of existential dread.

But let’s face the facts, it’s simply impossible to expect that this humble, caring abode can truly sustain our current behavior of taking more than we know how to immediately return. And while it’s true that ice ages and other such extremely dangerous climates have taken place in the past, the point is that we weren’t even messing with the ecosystem as much as we are now for those to happen. This time, it could end up so much worse.

Of course, there’s no forcing anyone to believe that we’re possibly doomed-not even I truly believe in my heart that everyone’s in horrible peril. This world, unlike everything we are and have, will continue to exist.

Just. Not the way that we want it to. Not in the way that the little animals could continue to use it, and live on it.

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