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Drinking and Drawing

Me. I more or less like drawing, it just puts me in a rather negative state of mind. But that’s only when I use the conventional paper and pencil. Using the back of my notebook was an anti-anxiety-caused-by-perfectionism method. Especially since there were no erasers allowed. And definitely, nobody’s born an artist (unless it’s performing arts), so practice helps. I’m a Pre-Speech-Language Pathology major and I cannot stress how absolutely invaluable drawing skills are when studying the human anatomy. If you have the patience, that is.

It makes sense that the less conventional the method, the less likely it seems that mistakes were made.

Drawing, completely unlike knitting, usually seems to draw out a great amount of

How should I call it

Mania in me. Not quite joy, or excitement, or rage. Something that is all too thrilled to tear through a blank surface with graphite or ink, and

Feels unnerved by every crooked line, every structural accuracy. It makes me feel like a careless wanderer. I haven’t been careless since I was a toddler.

But back to my initial point: there are merits to being a wanderer. Wandering away from the conventional, well-worn path into the dirt roads with weeds interfering every other meter.

It’s a lot livelier where the trees give the most shade and the beasts of the forest may greet you. It’s just you and the rest of the world being as it always is.

And I guess, you’re less likely to be a wanderer when you’re on the road to Rome. It’s always the conventional, four-horse-driven chariot with unchipped wheels taking you wherever everyone else ought to be going. Your to do list will be full until you pass away.

Which is as it should be, but every once in a while it’s not a bad idea to put Today: nothing .

Where did the trunk go in those trees.
Use a pen or just never, ever lift the pencil. Do your best not to cry. Do your best. Try your hardest not to imagine how people will react if they see it. Convince yourself nobody will ever see it. Make sure no one ever sees it.

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