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You Can Find Art Anywhere

@ the balcony above the water tanks(?) near USU

The tape is meant to represent the borders- where the artist draws the line in their art piece. However, this doesn’t necessarily draw the line for the observer. Art, as discussed previously in the classroom, requires effort, and should make the observer think. Because the human mind is known for its innate ability to compartmentalize, we, as curators, needed to arrange this in order for the observer to obtain a certain frame of mind.

The observer doesn’t necessarily need to see things from our angle, they could’ve taken any stance and obtained a different viewpoint. But the vision itself consisted of primarily 3 colors: green, white, and blue. Blue is often a symbol of infinity, green of nature, and white of purity. In some cases purity can mean destruction, like the burning chains of order bringing us closer to the end of entropy (although now that I think on it, the end of entropy is when all of the stars die and total darkness consumes the universe), and given the fact that many of the green things in this piece are partnered with white, they may disappear one day, and in the distant future only the blue will remain.

Again, there are many other angles to observe this piece from.

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