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Maintenance Art pt 3

“Women’s Work is Also Art”

According to traditional gender roles, the work of women is meant to be, as J-Lo says, “Mama”. The emotionally driven, caring, soft industry of jobs all too similar to mothering. A secretary cares for their boss, a nurse cares for patients, a teacher cares for the students. All because, according to traditional gender roles, the work of men is never meant to be emotionally driven. Stoic, critical, immovable, and dignified in ways that women were never supposed to be capable of understanding. That is the reason why women, who were apparently, according to these traditional gender roles, were practically made to care for others being Mothers and all, the professional jobs of caretaking would be perfect for them. Of course, today it isn’t the case anymore in most places that exist on this planet.

Most places.

This is perhaps the reason why “Also” is included in the idea. Now we shall remove it.

The work of caregiving is a highly subjective activity. Good, proper caretaking must always involve subjecting yourself to sympathy and empathy, and ensuring the one receiving care certainly feels at the very minimum cared about. And the one receiving care should be able to grow, and be much like a blooming plant under proper care.

Art is a subjective activity. The figurative shedding of blood, sweat, and tears surely reveals how much an artist cares about their work.

That is why women’s work is an art.

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