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Maintenance Art @ NOW pt. 1

NOW, 1965, Piotr Kowalski

Because while being “clean” is a term defined in the dictionary, not everyone has the same definition for it.

Whether or not something is clean is really up to those cleaning it, and even more so those using it. Which brings up the question:

Should we willingly accept that this is a whale, checkmark?

It was after the scrubbing nearly every surface we could reach- and even with the advantage of being 5’8″, I’ve gotta say that it was rather high maintenance- and the bucket had run out of clean soap water, the bar was raised (although some soap would’ve helped). After sweeping every inch of that sculpture, and seeing every detail, would it really be right to just say the tail, the head, the fins, check?

It’s time to come clean. NOW was never truly meant to be tied down to a single thing. Every moment that it is present is meant to define it, even the moments where it was a whale, or a, strange, shiny, object in the distance. It retains a checkered past, with a likely similar future, but NOW is ever-changing.

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